Regulation 14 Consultation 2020

The Fairford Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group has worked for several years to produce this draft version of our revised Neighbourhood Plan. We have consulted all interested parties, including a local public consultation in March 2019, and we are now carrying out a statutory consultation as the first part of the formal process.

The Plan contains policies to help preserve the historic character of Fairford, protect green spaces, ensure necessary infrastructure is provided on a timely basis, and ensure that development does not create or increase flood risk. Other policies seek to ensure that residential development is sustainable and low-carbon and protect/enhance the vitality and viability of our town centre.

Legislation and national guidance requires that our Plan is in line with CDC’s Local Plan, which allocates 61 new homes in Fairford for the period to 2031. Our Plan directs new housing development to an area, close to the schools, between Leafield Road and the northern extension of Hatherop Road, where the risk of flooding and increased traffic congestion is minimised. We believe this is the most appropriate direction for the town to develop, a judgement which is supported by our own sustainability appraisal (carried out by Locality consultants AECOM) as well as in the sustainability appraisal for the Local Plan.

This draft Plan will now go to statutory consultees, interested parties and other stakeholders for consultation. The Deadline for making comments is Monday 9th November 2020. All responses will be considered, and revisions may be made before the Plan is submitted to CDC. CDC will then publish the Plan and an Independent Examiner will determine whether the Plan can go to a referendum of the people of Fairford to decide whether it should be implemented. This whole process is expected to take until the middle of 2021.

To make a comment, please email using the subject heading Reg 14. All the information is on the Town Council website.

Once accepted, the Neighbourhood Plan will become part of the development plan for the area, and Fairford will receive an increased share of the Community Infrastructure Levy for any new development.

Cllr Jon Hill / Margaret Bishop
Joint Chairpersons

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Why do we need a Neighbourhood Plan for Fairford?

We cannot change the past but we can, and must, plan for the future.

A Neighbourhood Plan is not just about future housing, but will also look at what needs to be done for employment and business growth, roads, drainage, schools, healthcare and other facilities for ALL the community, up until 2040.

The plan must be community driven, and represent the views and wishes of YOU, the residents of Fairford. Through this, YOU will be able to influence the future of Fairford.

This Neighbourhood Plan, when agreed, will have legal force, so the Planning authority (and Planning Inspectorate) will have to take notice of it.

Click here for what is involved in a Neighbourhood Plan. Funding is provided by grants.